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Replays Coderage XI

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Ya se han publicado los videos con los “replays” del CodeRage XI.



Aquí tenéis el link de acceso a la lista de videos.


Y los videos uno por uno.

Bitmap Style Designer with Sarina DuPont – CodeRageXI

Developing user interface controls for both VCL and FMX with Bruno Fierens – CodeRage XI

Advantages of the Clang compilers with David Millington – CodeRageXI

Continuous integration with SVN, Jenkins and DUnit (Delphi) with Craig Chapman

Using Delphi containers like TList from C++ with David Millington – CodeRageXI

Effectively Using Radiant Shapes with Ray Konopka – CodeRageXI

C++ Standard Algorithms with David Millington – CodeRageXI

Using App Tethering to enable CodeSite for Tracing Mobile Apps with Bob Swart – CodeRage XI

Overview of New Windows 10 VCL Controls with Ray Konopka – CodeRageXI

Understanding FireDAC, The RAD Studio Data Access Framework of Choice with Cary Jensen – CodeRageXI

Artificial Intelligence with Delphi & C++Builder with Boian Mitov – CodeRageXI

Video, Audio, DSP, Computer Vision, and Animations with Mitov Software with Boian Mitov – CodeRageXI

Debug Faster. Debug Smarter; with Primoz Gabrijelcic – CodeRageXI

Working with Arduino with Mitov Software’s Visuino & Delphi – CodeRage XI Quick Idea

Arduino control via Delphi Mobile apps with Victory Fernandes – CodeRage XI

Arduino control via C++Builder Mobile apps with Victory Fernandes – CodeRage XI

Smart Pointers in C++: What, Why, and How with David Millington – CodeRage XI

Powerful GUIs using SVG and the RiverSoftAVG Component Library with Tom Grubb – CodeRage XI

Multi-device Applications Using Embedded InterBase ToGo (QuickTalk) with Al Mannarino – CodeRage XI

Debug logging in FireMonkey apps (C++) with Brian Long – CodeRage XI

Debug logging in FireMonkey apps (Delphi) with Brian Long – CodeRage XI

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